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ABOUT Melissa Dawn

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Welcome to Gen-X News

Politics, Culture, & Conspiracy Theory

Western culture has rapidly changed, becoming less rooted in our Christian and liberal traditions, and spiraling faster towards a dystopian future ruled by a small elite that is very anti-human.  Gen-X News is a live-streamed news/culture that covers many topics, including politics, culture, conspiracy, religious values, and ideologies with the objective to expose and discuss these dystopian practices. 


Ghostly Archives Podcast delves into the spookier side of life in terms of ghostly folklore, cryptids, paranormal, ufo's, fairies, and all things that go bump in the night. 

Melissa has passionately studied history throughout her life, and in university, she has her degree in graphic design and has been podcasting on cults, occult, and folklore since 2018.

Podcast Schedule:

Tuesday: Ghostly Archives 8pm EST

Wednesday; Gen-X News 8pm EST

Thursday: The Beast System 10pm EST

Friday: Gen-X News Tinfoil Hat Friday 9pm EST

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