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Brigette Macron A Man / Illegals Bused to Utah / Laken Riley Trump / Dan Crenshaw Tik-Tok Ban

Is Brigette Macron a man? Democrats cry over Trump meeting Laken Riley's parents, Dan Crenshaw is an evil Tik-Tok Banning Bond Villain, & Illegals are being bussed to Utah. 

Show Title Dan Crenshaw Trump Laken Riley Brigette Macron


Well, we know that evil A.K.A. The Democrats will never give up trying to destroy Donald Trump; they continuously project their sins onto him and the Nation. So it's no surprise that they are accusing Trump of being "political" for meeting Laken Riley's parents. The thing is, Trump is genuine, unlike their senile leader, Joe Biden. It's all projection. We talk.

I update you on Canada's MAID program and then discuss the rather disturbing story that France's first lady, Brigette Macron, is really a first man. I encourage you to check out Candace Owens' coverage on this, as it's quite revealing! Below are the final results of the X poll I conducted on my followers' opinions of this!

Twitter / X Poll results on Brigette Macron

Then everyone's favorite Rino representative, Dan Crenshaw, votes to ban TikTok and blatantly lies about the facts to a reporter. We show that clip on the show below! To finish it up, I show you how Biden is dispersing illegal immigrants throughout the country in an attempt to destroy the population and get the vote in November. I show a clip exclaiming they are being bussed to Utah.

I end the show with a flashback to the 1972 Surrealist Ball the Rothschilds held at Chateau de Ferrières. It was hosted by Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild and her husband Guy, and it features some very peculiar costumes and dark activities! I intend to do a show in the future that is all about the art style known as surrealism and some of the strange cases and people attached to it. But for now, I am having a quick chat about Rothschild.



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