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Biblical Scriptures Decoded with Author Micah Dank

Do you really understand the bible and what the passages mean? Join me with author Micah Dank as he relays his decades-long research of Biblical Scriptures on how much is not a literal interpretation but symbolic. 

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Micah Dank joins me today as we merely scratch the surface of his research into the bible and how modern religious teachers interpret it. Micah proposes that the bible is not a literal interpretation, whether you look at Genesis, Psalms, Revelation, etc. Instead, the verses are metaphor and symbolism that points to the natural heavens - the constellations in the sky that relate to periods cycles on our planet. Naturally, we are affected by the cycles our planet transforms through during the year, and the ancients depend on the heavens to tell them solid information about the seasons to come. Please approach with an open mind and listen to how these same constellations and ancient studies heavily influenced those who wrote the biblical scriptures to create one of the most outstanding books in the history of humankind.

Please visit Micah's website, where you will find his compelling book series and more.


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